Seniors Benefits and Programs

Various benefits and programs are delivered by the federal, provincial and local governments. For an overview of these benefits and programs, please read the “When I’m 64” booklets produced by the People’s Law School, available here.

120px-flag_of_canada-svgMost seniors income programs (OAS/CPP/GIS/RRSPs/RRIFs) are delivered by the federal government.   More information on federal programs for seniors can be found at Seniors Canada.

flag-of-british-columbiaThe Province of BC delivers health and housing programs for seniors, as well as programs addressing elder abuse and advance planning issues.  Property tax relief and assistance with modifying a home to make it more accessible are available as well.

Local governments provide community services including transportation, income tax clinics, low cost dental programs, etc.



For more on these various programs, see the following pages:

  1. Federal Government Programs
  2. Provincial Government Programs
  3. Local Government Programs
  4. Seniors Housing Programs
  5. Dental Programs
  6. Transportation Programs

This short (50 second) video clip from the federal government describes how to find provincial and federal government programs through the Seniors page on the Government of Canada website .