Key areas of function

In the context of assisted living, includes the ability of the older adult to:

  • initiate activities to the extent necessary to function safely for the periods they are alone in their unit;
  • find their way within the assisted living residence given available cueing;
  • recognize the consequences of decisions or actions and that some actions may result in injury or harm to themselves or others;
  • recognize an emergency and summon help or follow directions;
  • find their way back to the residence independently;
  • participate in regular reviews of their service needs, that is, respond to questions about needs and services offered; and
  • seek assistance when they have a complaint about something happening at the residence, although family or friends may actually convey the matter to the Assisted Living Registrar.

The person must be able to perform all of these functions at the assisted living residence by himself or herself unless a spouse, who is willing and able to make decisions, is there to provide daily support on the person’s behalf.  For more information on the key areas of function, see the Assisted Living Registrant Entry and Exit Policy [PDF 332 Kb].

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