Public Guardian & Trustee

Refers to a person (the Public Guardian and Trustee) as well as to a “corporation sole” created under the Public Guardian and Trustee Act.  Charged with serving:

  • Children and youth under the age of 19 by protecting their legal and financial interests;
  • Adults who require assistance in decision making through protection of their legal rights, financial interests and personal care interests (last resort TSDM); and
  • Heirs and beneficiaries of deceased persons when there is no one willing or able to administer their estates, the estates of missing persons, and the beneficiaries of personal trusts.

In addition, the PGT provides the court with reliable and independent advice when the property or financial interests of minors, adults with legal disabilities, or estates, are at risk.  In carrying out its client decision making responsibilities, the PGT is independent of government.

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