Victim Services Program

The Victims Services Program helps victims of abuse or a crime to access the justice system in addition to providing practical and emotional support.  Assistance can be provided over the phone and callers may remain anonymous. This service is available whether or not the older adult has reported the incident to the police or to anyone else.

Our victim services worker can provide the following assistance:

  • Information about the justice system;
  • Assistance telling police doctors or other professionals about what happened;
  • Preparation and support for older adults who will be testifying in court about abuse or another crime;
  • Information about peace bonds and restraining orders;
  • Assisted referral to another program;
  • Information about the Justice System;
  • A non-judgmental listening ear for older adults who are deciding whether or not to report the abuse to the police; and
  • Other kinds of practical and emotional support.

Our Victim Services Program works collaboratively with other local and provincial Victim Services Programs. We raise awareness about abuse and crimes against older adults and we look for ways to partner with other service providers.

This program is made possible by funding from:

Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division
Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General