Links Directory

Below are links to community or government resources and services for older adults. The links are categorized as: Advance Planning, Government Benefits, Housing, Health and Well-Being, Legal Services, and Transportation


1. Advance Planning:

BC Government: Advance Care Planning Information

BC Government: Incapacity Planning Information

Nidus: Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry

People’s Law School: “Plan for your Future Care” Education Resources

Expected/Planned Home Deaths

BC Center for Palliative Care: Resources

Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic

Memorial Society of BC: Low-Cost Funeral Services

BC Government: Wills and Estate Planning Resources


2. Government Benefits

Old Age Security (OAS)

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Income assistance for seniors not receiving OAS, including the BC Employment and Assistance Program

Allowance for the Survivor

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)


3. Housing

BC Government Housing for Seniors Information

BC Rent Bank: Emergency loans and supports for low- to moderate- income individuals at risk of homelessness

BC Housing: Rental Assistance Programs Information

Making a Complaint in Assisted Living in BC

Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre: Legal Education and Advocacy for BC Tenants

Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER): Affordable rent for seniors with low-moderate incomes


4. Health and Well-Being

VictimLink BC: A confidential victim for victims of crime and abuse

Disability Alliance BC: information and services for people with disabilities

Here to Help BC: Mental Health and Substance Use Information

BC Mental health and Substance Use Services


5. Legal Services

Access Pro Bono: income services for those with low-income

Society of Notaries Public of BC

Community Legal Assistance Society

Legal Aid BC: legal information and services for low-income individuals


6. Support Groups

Family and Caregivers of British Columbia Support Groups

Thrive: Support group for family and friend caregivers of older adults who use substances or whose health is affected by polypharmacy

Parent Support BC


7. Transportation

BC Bus Pass Program: reduced bus pass fees for low-income seniors and people with disabilities

BC Travel Assistance Program: travel assistance for eligible BC residents who need to see a non-emergency medical specialist not in their community

HandyDART: door-to-door transit service for those unable to use conventional public transit without assistance

ICBC Tips for Senior Drivers