Financial Literacy 102

A guide for professionals – This publication has been created as a general overview for professionals who work with older adults. The Financial Literacy 102 materials also include a series of videos on the topics covered in this manual. These videos can be downloaded on this website, or are available on the disc that accompanies this manual.

The purpose of this guidebook is to enhance your own knowledge in relation to financial abuse of older adults as well as financial literacy and financial planning for older adults. This publication is also intended to serve as a tool for in-house teaching of staff and volunteers.

It is important that all professionals who deliver services to older adults learn to recognize elder abuse and neglect and identify how they should respond to concerns regarding abuse and neglect in the context of their own practice. However, specific competency based educational modules need to be developed for each professional group. This is especially true for all levels of responsibility within the financial sector, ranging from consumer-facing staff to internal management positions.

Your organization may have polices or procedures in place regarding elder abuse and neglect. We encourage you to become familiar with those documents.


This publication reflects the law on June 1, 2010.