BC CEAS is actively committed to being accessible. There are many barriers to older adults receiving legal services, public legal education and information and other outreach activities.

BC CEAS’ vision specifically includes the goal of overcoming the following barriers:

  • Physical
  • Linguistic
  • Cultural
  • Gender
  • Sensory
  • Financial
  • Cognitive
  • Mobility-based
  • Knowledge-based
  • Literacy
  • Communication

To that end, BC CEAS has offices in a centrally located, wheelchair accessible building. The office has a variety of accessibility devices such as “Listening Ears”.

BC CEAS is a strongly committed to diversity within its organization, and specifically seeks to support older members of visible minority groups, women, Aboriginal or indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, members of sexual minority groups, and others who experience discrimination.

BC CEAS has also worked to keep our website as accessible as is possible.