Age Friendly Workplace

From the Government of Canada Seniors website:

A healthy work environment means more productive and engaged employees. An important aspect of creating a healthy work environment is cultivating a workplace culture that embraces and values workers of all ages and abilities, and that includes older workers. Age-friendly workplaces are good for business, and good for employers and employees. Adopting age-friendly recruitment practices that attract applicants over 50 years of age enables employers to draw on a wider pool of talent. Employers that retain older workers are retaining experience, corporate knowledge, productivity and diversity in their workplaces.

Any sized business or workplace can become age-friendly and adopt age-friendly practices.  The website includes a simple self-assessment tool to find out if you offer a workplace that is attractive to older workers.  It includes the following:

  • A human resources planning checklist
  • A recruitment checklist
  • Training and development checklist; and
  • Retention checklist.

There are other ways you can make your work-space age-friendly for your clients, besides older staff working there.  These include:

  • ground floor accessibility or elevators
  • office door(s) easy to open or assisted
  • door handles rather than door knobs
  • indirect lighting
  • seating close to client (not across desk)
  • furniture that is easy to get in and out of (firmly padded armchairs rather than plush sofa)
  • non-glare paper (ideally pale blue rather than ’90 bright’ white)
  • large font (14 Times Roman)
  • bowl of reading classes on conference table
  • good signage to washrooms and exits
  • pocket amplifier available