Elder Friendly Workplace

You may have noticed the ‘greying’ of the clients you serve.  As the ‘baby boomers’ are now entering retirement age, you will be seeing more and more clientele from that demographic.  They will present various ethical and substantive challenges for your work, and will bring different expectations.  Are you prepared?  We can help.

First of all you want to ensure your workplace is welcoming to older adults, that you are taking into account and accommodating their needs.

  • Is your workplace ‘age friendly?’
  • Is it accessible?
  • Is it ‘dementia friendly?’
  • Are your staff aware of how to interact appropriately and respond to some of the needs older adults as clients?
  • Are you?

A legal workplace is now more than ‘bricks and mortar.’  Your website is an important part of your ‘brand.’  Is it also ‘age friendly?’  We provide some tools and protocols to help ensure you are properly accommodating the older adults you work with.