Working With Word More Efficiently

Most of us use Microsoft Word, but there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you be more efficient, and which can help you have more time to spend with your older clients hopefully.

1.WORD for Legal Workers – Tools Tips and Tricks – an e-book how to use templates, autofill block text, automate dates, keyboard shortcuts, etc. NOTE – view this PowerPoint slide deck in Slide Show for e-book functionality to work.

Word for Legal Workers

2. TheFormTool – a free and easy-to-use document assembly add-on for Word.

The Form Tool

3. Quick Parts in WORD

Quick Parts features, found in the Insert menu.
Quick Parts features, found in the Insert menu.

A little used feature of Microsoft Word that can really help with document assembly is the ‘quick parts’ feature.  Various paragraphs or other ‘boilerplate’ text (contract terms, will provisions, etc.) can be saved in the meta data for a template document, and as that document is being prepared for a particular client these boilerplate parts can be chosen from a menu and quickly dropped into correct place in the documnet. (contract terms, will provisions, etc.).  See this article: Magic in Minutes – Effective Use of Document Assembly.