What Every Older Canadian Should Know About

Helpful Pamphlets on Important Issues for Older Canadians

Here are 8 pamphlets and one booklet on important issues older Canadians should know about: 12345678Powers of Attorney and Joint Deposit Accounts

The Ministers responsible for seniors in the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, have put together a very useful set of guides for seniors on what they should know about various important issues. You can view the guides, and download a PDF version of them, through the following pages:

  1. Financial planning
  2. Income and benefits from government programs
  3. Managing and protecting their assets
  4. Planning for possible loss of independence
  5. Planning for their future housing needs
  6. Having a will and making funeral plans
  7. Financial abuse
  8. Frauds and scams
  9. Powers of Attorney and Joint Deposit Accounts

Powers of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts

Powers of Attorney and Joint Deposit AccountsNumber 9 is a new addition, and is a booklet rather than a pamphlet like the other 8.

Powers of attorney and joint bank accounts are two tools which are often used for managing financial affairs.  But they can be a ‘double-edged sword’ – in other words, they can be as much of a danger as they are a help. This booklet discusses the various risks and advantages of each.

As well as the booklet, this information is also available online here.

French language brochures:

1.  Planification financière
2.  Rentes et des prestations des programmes gouvernementaux
3.  Gestion et de la protection de leurs avoirs
4.  Planification en cas d’éventuelle perte d’autonomie
5.  Planification de leurs futurs besoins en matière de logement
6.  Testaments et des arrangements funéraires
7.  L’exploitation financière
8.  Fraude et de l’escroquerie

BC Resources on Planning for Seniors

For more information specific to BC, visit the “Financial Planning” section of the website SeniorsBC.ca