Complaints about Public Agencies

Complaint about Public Agencies

ombudsman-logoYou can file a complaint about Public Agencies to the Ombudsperson for BC when you believe you have been treated unfairly by a provincial government agency or program such as Pharmacare, MSP, Ministry of Health, a hospital or health authority, ICBC, PGT, or other agency.

NOTE – you should first use any internal agency complaint process before turning to the Ombudsperson.

Complaints about the Public Guardian and Trustee



If you wish to complain about services of the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office, there is a four-step complaint process.  See their Complaint Brochure: Client Complaint Fact Sheet.pdf

Step 1

Contact the applicable Case Manager, Regional Consultant, Guardianship and Trust Officer or Estate
Administrator to discuss your complaint. Their switchboard operator can direct you to the appropriate staff person – the main switchboard line is 604.660.4444.

Step 2

If your complaint cannot be resolved by speaking with the appropriate PGT staff member, contact the Manager of the applicable department to attempt to resolve the issue.

Step 3

If not resolved contact the Director of the division that serves you.  The Director may ask you to provide a full explanation that outlines the reason for your complaint.

Step 4

Talk to the Director about the PGT’s decision review process and request that we forward you the review
application entitled “Review that Decision”

Review Committee

You can then bring a Review Application to the Review Committee.

See the fillable pdf pamphlet: Please review that decision.pdf

You send in your complaint using the contact information below: or call 604.660.0343

NOTE – in order to bring a review application to the PGT’s Review Committee, you  must:

  • first make a request that has been reviewed and denied by the Director of the division
  • you disagree with the decision that has been made at the PGT and
  • you have received a written explanation from a Director that outlines the reasons for the decision.

The following information is required as outlined in the application:

  1. Date;
  2. Name;
  3. Contact Information (e.g., address, phone, email);
  4. Name of PGT client;
  5. Describe the decision that you would like reviewed;
  6. Why do you disagree with the decision?
  7. Is there anything you would like the Review Committee to consider when reviewing the decision?
  8. What specific change or action would you like as a result of the review and why?