Employment Complaints

Employment Complaints for non-unionized workplaces can be filed with the Employment Standards Branch.  Complaints regarding wrongful dismissal.

Employment Standards Branch

Vancouver: 604-660-2421
Victoria: 1-250-387-6121
Toll Free: 1-800-663-7867/

The Self-Help Kit is the first formal step an employee takes when trying to resolve a workplace problem.

If the Self-Help Kit doesn’t resolve the dispute, or the employee is not required to use the Kit, or the six month period for filing a complaint is almost up, the employee may file a complaint.

After a complaint is filed, the parties are contacted and the provisions of the Act are explained. Many complaints are resolved at this stage. If not resolved, a complaint may proceed to investigation, mediation or adjudication. Resolution is encouraged at any stage of the complaint process. For additional information, see:

If a complaint is not resolved voluntarily the Director of Employment Standards will issue a written decision called a determination. If a determination is issued, the Director will assess mandatory administrative penalties for every contravention of the Act. The Director utilizes a number of collection methods to collect outstanding wages and penalties. For additional information, see:

Wrongful Dismissal

If you are terminated (fired) from your employment without just cause, you are entitled to a period of notice, or pay in lieu of this notice.  While there are minimum notice periods under the Employment Standards Act, the court determines the notice period for a particular person’s position depending on the type of position, age, etc.   See the links below for more information.