Web Accessibility

Seniors First BC intends this web site to be accessible to all viewers, including those who are accessing the site using screen readers and other assistive devices. We have employed templates:

  • that are XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 conformant, to improve compatibility with adaptive technologies, handheld devices, browsers and search engines (except in two cases);
  • have been successfully tested on a wide range of browser/platform combinations;
  • employ table-less layout and design to simplify screen reader navigation by reducing the structural complexity of Web pages;
  • allow visitors to configure font-size to meet their accessibility needs;
  • use text-based navigational elements to improve accessibility and simplify navigation using adaptive technologies;
  • avoid truncated and overlapped elements at very large font sizes; and
  • have been created to adhere as closely as possible with the the WAI guidelines for web content accessibility and the the standards identified in the Government of Canada Internet Guide.

Site Map

This website includes a detailed site map to help you navigate our various sections and pages.

Areas that might not be accessible

Seniors First BC used WordPress, a third-party open-source content managment tool, as well as several WordPress plug-ins to manage our website in a way that is accessible to staff. Although those who create these tools also strive to conform to current web standards, we notice that there may be validation errors on our various form pages as well as our photo galleries. We hope these errors will be fixed by the authors of the code shortly.

If you have any trouble using our forms or photo galleries, please contact us so we can assist you to access all our website services and features.