About Us

Seniors First BC (formerly BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support)

Welcome to the Seniors First BC (formerly BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support). We are a non-profit charitable organization located in British Columbia, Canada.

We are committed to:

  • Protecting the legal rights of older adults;
  • Increasing access to justice for older adults;
  • Informing the public about elder abuse; and
  • Providing supportive programs for older adults who have been abused.

The people behind the organization:

Our membership is made up of agencies and individuals. We have more than 100 members throughout British Columbia.

We are governed by a board of directors and day to day operations are carried out by capable staff and volunteers.

We rely on community members and experts to keep us informed about community needs and to advise us on how to keep our services as accessible as possible.

Seniors First BC works to prevent elder abuse and to provide assistance and support to older adults that are, or may be, abused and those whose rights have been violated.

We provide programs that educate, support and advocate on behalf of our clients.

Our programs include:

Seniors First BC is the only non-profit organization in Western Canada offering a mix of legal psycho-social and justice based supports to older adults. Seniors First BC has staff from different professional fields. As a result, the Elder Law Clinic is able to benefit from the expertise of staff in other programs under the Seniors First BC umbrella, and from easy access to programs in the community programs arm of the agency. Similarly, the community program arm of the agency is able to benefit from the expertise of the Elder Law Clinic, providing a legal lens to publications, educational initiatives and advocacy work.

This has allowed us to gain expertise about elder abuse issues from different professional perspectives and has given us a unique, holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective.  As well, our research work is informed by the actual experience of our clients.

We serve more than 200 clients per month in our programs and services.