Vision and Constitution

Seniors First BC has been registered as a non-profit organization in BC since 1994. We are also a registered charity.

Our vision:

Older adults in BC have the right to live with dignity, free from abuse of any kind.

The membership of Seniors First BC consists of seniors, service providers, academics and professionals who have been working together to end abuse of seniors in British Columbia for over 15 years.

The Society is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and anĀ Executive Director.

According to our constitution, we:

  • Empower older adults to live with dignity, autonomy and safety through the provision of information and education;
  • Promote access to justice and empower individuals by providing legal services to older adults;
  • Provide emotional support, information, advocacy and referrals to older adults experiencing abuse and related problems;
  • Work collaboratively with government and community agencies about social and legal issues affecting older adults;
  • Promote and facilitate law reform and system change for the safety and wellbeing of older adults;
  • Conduct research, develop written materials and deliver workshops on social and legal issues for the safety and empowerment of older adults.